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common sense candle

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Common Sense was born of a desire to create something both luxe and sustainable; something carefully crafted with superior and striking detail that would also align, in complete transparency, with our ethical responsibilities.  


We're often told that luxury and sustainability are at odds with one another, but in fact, they’re a perfect pair. Both require immense consideration in every aspect of the product, and both prize anomaly, innovation, and artistry, as do we. Sustainable luxury is clearly the future, and we intend to make that future smell sensational.


Our hand-poured, small-batch candles create something bigger than the box they come in. They are both a thing of beauty and a rich and vivid sensory experience. Think Frida Kahlo's garden in Mexico City, or the Jiuzhaigou Valley in the Sichuan Province, combined with that feeling of reckless indulgence in a five-star hotel lobby, or seeing Billy Porter carried into the Met Gala on a velvet litter by six shirtless men, wearing a 24-karat gold head-piece, all in a deep intake of breath in your living room.


And, just as importantly, every part of the candle is designed with the intention of being used, reused and recycled. You can see more details of how our products are made here.


We are always trying to improve our journey to zero-waste, so please get in touch if you have any thoughts.

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