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Planting Seed Paper

Packaging & Dust Covers 

Seeded Paper Dust Covers 

Seed Paper Candle packaging and Dust Covers are a sustainable eco packaging option that also does something good for the environment. OUR CANDLE info and dust cover are made with recycled post-consumer materials that are embedded with NON-GMO seeds and will grow when planted in an empty (and cleaned) candle vessel filled with soil. eACH COVER IS CUT BY HAND.. 

tHE PAPER'S EMBEDDED Seed mix grows a blend of colourful wildflowers including Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Sweet Alyssum and Snapdragon.

Planting Instruction

CLEAN EMPTY GLASS CANDLE VESSEL AND Simply place the dust cover INSIDE under 1/8" of soil fill with compost (preferably peat-free!) and water well. Place somewhere warm and light to germinate and keep moist – it is vital to successful germination not to let the paper dry out!

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