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Sustainable Luxury has arrived

Dear Common Sense folk//community//friends, So whilst you were lazing about, enjoying the last dregs of summer this weekend, we were running round sealing jars, folding tiny boxes, sticking endless stickers, carefully wrapping hundreds of candles in delicate tissue paper that just wouldn’t bloody do as told, before placing them all carefully in cotton drawstring bags and shipping them off all over the world. That’s right, this past weekend, we had a sneaky soft launch, and we sold out! Thanks so much to everyone who has been part of the process so far, from suggesting a sustainable local source we didn’t know about, or a scent combo we hadn’t thought of, to liking and sharing on social media, or just being extra patient while we worked out all the unforeseeable kinks. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce ourselves properly. Our Story Common Sense was born of a desire to create something both luxe and sustainable; something carefully crafted with superior and striking detail that would also align, in complete transparency, with our ethical responsibilities. We're often told that you have to choose between living beautifully and living ethically; that luxury and sustainability are at odds with one another, but we believe they’re a perfect pair. We also think that the responsibility should be on companies, and not the consumer, not only to be completely transparent with their actions but also to endeavour to be as sustainable as possible. For example (if we do say so ourselves) not only have we sourced locally wherever possible, choosing recycled, recyclable and reusable materials wherever possible, but you can also return your candle holder for a refill, so that your home doesn’t fill with technically reusable containers that actually have no practical purpose. (Every household in the UK must have, like, a million Gü pots right now, no? What are they for?!) And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can read more about our sustainability credentials *here*, and that information will always be available and constantly updated. So, now that we have removed the stress of trying to work out whether you are accidentally funding world destruction, you can simply enjoy perusing our selection of carefully curated scents on our brand-new website. Before we alert the masses, we wanted to let you know first, while everything is still fully stocked. So have a look around, see if there's anything you fancy, or if you have any ideas or thoughts, please get in touch. We always want to hear from you. Love, The Common Sense Team


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