Notes / Notes / Lemon, Bergamot, Lavender, Clary Sage, Vanilla, Tonka Bean


Smells like / Dressed in blue jeans and a man's white shirt, hair freshly washed and lazily tied up, Audrey sits at the open windowsill dangling a leg off the ledge as she watches the hustle and bustle of the Sunday flower markets by the River Seine. Chain-smoking her way through multiple renditions of Henry Mancini on the ukulele, a strand of wet hair slips across her face, permitting a fleeting waft of lavender and lemon before she tucks it absent-mindedly behind her ear. A neighbouring flat is baking, the smells of buttery pastry and vanilla filling Audrey's nostrils, and she makes a mental note to coincidentally drop by.

Moon River Tin Candle

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  • Tin jar / 60 (D) x 60 (h) mm, 125 ml


    Burn time / 20-25 hrs