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**This candle is one of a kind and has been hand-poured into an upcycled art deco octagon thick glass vessel. A beautiful thick vintage glass that can be reused after the candle burns out.**


Notes / Turkish Rose, English Rose, Marmalade, Sicilian Lemon, Spice, Geranium


Smells like / Dreamy, indulgent and delicious. This limited-edition fragrance starts with a bright and zesty rose and lemon combo that fades into a truly jammy rose scent that is sweet, tart, and potent smelling. Middle notes are spicy but sweet, with an undertone reminiscent of pink lemon-aid. Overall, a playful and fun, intoxicating fragrance.

Rose Jam Glass Candle

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  • Single braided cotton wick candle with mauve colored soy wax 


    Metal Vessel / 10 (D) x 90 (H) mm, 400 g


    Burn time / 55 hrs 


    Created with responsibly sourced ingredients and eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging. Common Sense candles are made with 100% plant-based wax, which is biodegradable and vegan friendly. Our unbleached, natural fibre waxed cotton wicks offer optimum scent throw and a smooth, long-lasting burn. Each blend is carefully formulated using premium grade phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils.

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