Notes / Lime, Mint, Cognac, Jasmine, Clove, Vetivert, Oak, Tobacco, Musk


Smells like / Having finally escaped the stuffy, unceasing soiree, two streets away you realise you've taken the wrong jacket! Though very similar, the tailoring is too fine, the woody cologne on the collar too expensive. You begrudgingly retrace your footsteps but discover, in place of the formerly lifeless gathering, a grand fiesta in full swing, music and laughter tumbling through the iridescent air, bronzed and musky-sweet. You turn to leave, but as you do, a fresh mojito appears magically in your grasp. Someone offers you a light, and you find yourself reaching into your new jacket pocket, revealing two Cuban cigars, one for yourself and one for the jasmine-scented stranger holding a match. You lean into the flame, closing your eyes for just a moment, and- it's gone. Standing alone on the silent street, there's no sign of the flash frivolities, except the cigar, now lit between your lips, sending a coil of thick smoke into the black night sky. 


Santería Silver Pearl Candle