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Introducing a timeless trio of Sandringham candlesticks, designed for Wedgwood Glass by Ronald Stennett Willson. Sold as a set of three candlestick holders.

Crafted in the 1970s by the renowned British firm Wedgwood, these elegant "Sandringham" candlestick holders feature exquisite white glass.

The tallest candlestick stands at 8.5 inches, the medium one at 6.5 inches, while the smaller one measures 5.4 inches. The underside of each base bears the distinctive "WEDGWOOD ENGLAND" sandblasted mark, a hallmark of Wedgwood Glass. 

These pieces are in impeccable condition, free from chips, cracks, significant scratches, or any discernible signs of restoration. 

Wedgwood Sandringham 1970s Candle Set

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