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Elevate your sipping experience with the Sonjaby Brandy Cognac Glass Set by NACHTMANN. This set of 6 lead crystal glasses, crafted in West Germany Bavaria, features timeless elegance and quality.


  • 6 lead crystal cognac glasses
  • Material: Lead crystal over 24%
  • Manufacturer: Nachtmann, West Germany Bavaria
  • Design by Karl Riedl
  • Glass type: Cognac swivel
  • Dimensions: Height - 4 1/4 in / 10.6 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 230 grams per glass
  • Period: late 1970s


Experience the finest crystal glassware from Bavaria with Nachtmann. These Cognac swivel glasses, part of the Sonja series, showcase classic decor-cut and attractive facet-grinding for a touch of sophistication.


Immaculately preserved, each glass bears the maker's sticker, ensuring authenticity. Never used and free from cracks or chips, these glasses come in their original box.


*Sold as a set of 6*

West German 1970s Cognac Glass Set of 6

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