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Notes / Rhubarb, Pear, Plum, Peach, Blackberry


Smells like / Eating freshly baked berry bramble pie at Nan’s house with Bob Marley, solacing scents of caramelised blackberries, plums and, Nan's secret ingredient, rhubarb, waft from the still-steaming pie on the kitchen table. Rastafari spiritual-ideology is also on the table and Nan is all for it.

Jamming Monochrome Candle

Out of Stock
  • Single wick candle with black wax 


    Glass Vessel / 75 (D) x 87 (H) mm, 200 g


    Burn time / 35-40 hrs 


    **Please note, monochrome candles are now presented in Italian made glass that differ slightly from the feature product pictures. The fourth picture featured is a correct representation of the new glasses. Each glass is high quality produced with a heavy base and near parallel sides in a ‘whisky glass’ style, opposed to a rounded bottom.


    Created with responsibly sourced ingredients and eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging. Common Sense candles are made with 100% plant-based wax, which is biodegradable and vegan friendly. Our unbleached, natural fibre waxed cotton wicks offer optimum scent throw and a smooth, long-lasting burn. Each blend is carefully formulated using premium grade phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils.

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